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Join the IFC Team for a wide array of industry topics to better support the health, bottom-line, and overall environment of your facility. Select the webinar topic and date that best works for your schedule to register. While these treatments, services, and resources may not be needed by you today, we know how crucial it is to have the right contact, at the right time. We look forward to sharing more information with you.

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bird control webinar

Bird Management Webinar

Your One Resource for Bird Management

Led by IFC Bird Expert Leonard Mongiello, this Bird Management webinar discusses the customizable solutions and recommendations available to mitigate the risks that birds pose to your people, products, and property! With over 60 different pathogens of concern, we’ll share insight from our 80+ years of experience, plus:


How to Understand Bird Behavior


How to Account for Environmental Factors


Strategies and Solutions for Bird Control and Overall Management

Join us for a date that is convenient for you!

IFC Chlorine Dioxide Webinar

Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization & Fogging Webinar

Your One Resource for Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization & Fogging Treatments

Led by IFC Expert Steve Flieder, this Chlorine Dioxide Treatment webinar will share insight into the treatments that are available to your facility that target and eliminate the “unseen pests”: viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, and more. IFC offers two unique treatments that are effective against the likes of Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella and dozens of others. Within this webinar, you’ll learn more about:


Advantages of both Chlorine Dioxide Treatments: Sterilization and Fogging


When Treatment May be Necessary


The Facts About Chlorine Dioxide and How It Works


How IFC’s 80+ Years of Experience Can Support You

Join Steve to hear all of this and more at a date that is convenient for you.

Fogging Fumigation Webinar

Fogging & Fumigation Webinar

Your One Resource for Fogging & Fumigation Treatments

Led by IFC Expert Sharon Dobesh, this Fogging and Fumigation webinar discusses how these specialized and cost-effective treatments can help enhance food safety in your facility and target all life stages of pests!

In this webinar, you’ll hear all of this and more:


Identify pest risks and concerns unique to food facilities


Tools that reset pest populations in your facility to zero


The differences and key benefits of fogging and fumigation

Join our FREE webinar to learn and discover more!


IFC is here to be your partner in all things pest management. Discover more of our Bird Management, Chlorine Dioxide, and overall Integrated Pest Management resources available.
Audit Check: Is Your Food Facility Ready to Pass?

Audit Check: Is Your Food Facility Ready to Pass?

Food safety is of the utmost importance in the food processing industry, and passing your audit is essential to ensuring the safety of the food supply. Pest infestations can be detrimental to food, causing contamination, spoilage, and in severe cases, even illness. It...

Your Guide to Shipping Pest-Free

Your Guide to Shipping Pest-Free

Those handling the safe and pest-free transportation of food products are faced with unique challenges. Food safety concerns for food processors include microbial, physical/foreign material and chemical contaminations. FDA’s transportation rules state that all parties...

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