Pest Management and Sanitation Solutions

Dedicated To The Food Industry and Related Businesses

What We Do

Integrated Pest Management

Communication, prevention and safety are key elements for success in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy at IFC.


Our fumigation teams are certified and comprehensively trained in safety and current techniques for fumigating all types of containers, ships, barges and structures containing food and non-food products.

Decontamination Solutions

Our professionals assist in meeting the food industry’s strict sanitation needs with three powerful and affordable decontamination solutions.

Bird Control

IFC has a professional staff capable of assessing a pest bird situation. Similarly, we are capable of implementing the most appropriate deterrent measures for large and small projects.

Advanced Fogging Services

Our advanced fogging services utilize CO2-based products such as TurboCide Py-75, TurboCide Vap-20, and TurboCide IGR. These provide high performance characteristics of small particle sizes, low odor, no flammability and no residual oil slicks.

Audit Support

Whether your facility faces a corporate inspection, customer audits or the scrutinizing requirements of the many food safety initiatives, IFC’s Integrated Pest Management programs ensure top scores.

About IFC

industrial fumigant company

One Focus. Since 1937, IFC has provided a full range of products and services exclusively to the food and commodity industries. This expertise gives us a distinct advantage and understanding of every type of food handling environment. Our mission is to provide superior service and value to our clients while maintaining our role as the industry leader with innovative and effective pest management and sanitation solutions.

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