IFC is a leading provider of Pest Management and Consultation Services to the Food and Commodity Industries. IFC, a division of the Rollins Corporation, currently employs over 150 associates covering the United States from coast-to-coast. Our parent company, Rollins, employs over 8,000 associates in over 425 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

We are always looking for talented and hardworking individuals to join our high performance team. IFC provides a work environment filled with challenges and rewards. We offer competitive plans and benefits with an employee-focused culture.

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Career Opportunities


“You can count on IFC”

Our core values are the basis for everything we do at IFC. IFC is dedicated to our clients and consistently delivering world-class service. Each person on the IFC team has the ability to affect customer loyalty, and as such, all team members are empowered to make positive decisions for our clients. This is what we call the IFC Way and it is intended to help guide us in delivering the kind of service and culture we strive for.



“IFC is always dependable and very helpful.  The technicians give great recommendations when they see areas of concern.  The technicians and supervisors are very committed and willing to go the extra mile when you are having issues and need assistance.”

IFC Customer

“This is a professional company with an excellent personnel and customer service, they always help us when I requested the service or they always clarified all my questions or concerns. Thank you.”

IFC Customer

“IFC is ready to design and implement the right program for any situation. Not only to they assist in development, they will actually be the boots to the ground to make certain its done right.”

IFC Customer



IFC is proud to employ several U.S. military veterans. Here are a few of our veteran teammates and their journey with IFC.

Michael Conaway-IFC Veteran

Michael Conaway, Air Force & CA Air National Guard – IFC Master Technician

I served in the U.S. Air Force and CA Air National Guard from 1984-1989. Although my military transition happened prior to my employment with IFC, I am pleased to be a part of a company that honors and recognizes veterans. This is the only company in my adult life that has done that.

I learned self discipline in the military which is essential to my job because I/we are not closely supervised and have to be self motivated. I also learned confidence in decision making and taking a leadership role.

I would say IFC is veteran friendly because they with Rollins recognize veterans and thank them for their service. I have received a gift each Veterans Day and I look forward to that. IFC has also recognized veterans in their IFC insider newsletter. I have worked for numerous employees in the 31 years since I separated, and no other has recognized veterans at all.

I like working at IFC because I enjoy the freedom and the physical nature of the work. I also take great satisfaction in helping my costumers solve their pest problems. It is a great honor to be of service to them.

Wayne Brown-IFC Veteran

Wayne Brown, USMC – IFC Service Tech

Serving taught me the value of good teamwork. My military experience taught me how to overcome problems during high pressure atmosphere, I like how IFC values my military values and input. I enjoy working with fellow vets as we have the same mind set. They value the importance of family of down time to take care of family.


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