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Many challenges face the food industry. Pests, and the contaminants they transmit, pose a threat to every food operation. Keeping your plant and products free of pests and contaminants is critical to the success of your organization. To prevent these adversities from becoming costly problems and to meet or exceed the requirements of internal and external pest management audits, it is extremely important that you develop a strong partnership with a pest management firm which understands your needs and has extensive experience in food industry pest management and sanitation.

We offer a comprehensive list of products and services so there is no need to look beyond IFC. Clients trust us to handle all of their pest management needs, keeping them in full compliance so they can focus on other priorities while feeling confident that their brands are protected under IFC’s care.

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IFC’s Commitment to Safety

We are closely monitoring the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), we already have policies and procedures in place across our business to address issues which may arise during this time.

NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: The number one priority at IFC is protecting the safety of our employees and customers. Our work has been designated as an essential service by the Homeland Security Office and we will maintain our commitment of providing service to our customers. We are practicing an appropriate social distancing service protocol to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. For more information regarding your specific service, contact your local IFC manager.

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Preventing problems before they become critical is the key element of success in the IPM strategy at IFC. We focus our efforts on prevention and sound methods of Integrated Pest Management.

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IFC’s ProTrak™ electronic reporting system offers unparalleled service information, trending and tracking capabilities for rodent control, insect light trap (ILT) monitoring, pheromone monitoring and many other IPM functions.

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IFC’s highly trained fumigation specialists are the leaders in the industry. Our fumigation teams are certified and comprehensively trained in safety and current techniques for fumigating all types of containers, ships, barges and structures containing food and non-food products.

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Mechanical foggers and aerosol formulations create an assortment of different particle sizes. To increase the effectiveness of the fogging, these particles should be blown or released as close to the ceiling of the structure being fogged as possible.

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Food safety is a growing concern in food production facilities. Product recalls are increasing every year and can cost millions of dollars in revenue. While many chemical options can clean and sanitize, they often do not reach the entire surface.

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IFC has specifically trained heat treatment personnel to assess any facility for suitability of heat treatment and has the capability to supervise or provide a turn-key heat treatment.

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IFC has a professional staff capable of assessing a pest bird situation and implementing the most appropriate deterrent measures for large and small projects.

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IFC knows the organic food industry and has been working with organically certified facilities even before USDA first introduced the official National Organic Program in 2000.

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As a value-added component to our client serivce offering, IFC can provide introductory IPM training to plant personnel as well as a more robust, comprehensive training program for key stakeholders at all levels within the client organization.

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The quality of the program affects the results of audits. Whether your facility faces a corporate inspection, customer audits or the scrutinizing requirements of the many food safety initiatives, IFC’s Integrated Pest Management programs ensure top scores.

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