How Chlorine Dioxide Fogging Supports Your Facility

Chlorine Dioxide Fogging

A food processing plant sanitation process is key to routine and effective cleanliness. While these programs must be robust, establishing a chlorine dioxide fogging routine can enhance your food safety program. Chlorine dioxide fogging is a preventative measure to keep harmful bacteria, mold, and stubborn biofilms from progressing at your facility.

A chlorine dioxide fogging service takes less than half a day to complete. The service avoids sealing off the treatment area or evacuation of personnel from the plant, minimizing downtime for your facility. We know returning to operations after a treatment is a priority. Chlorine dioxide fogging leaves no residue behind, so your facility does not require a post-treatment cleaning, helping you get back to operations sooner.

Now that you know more about IFC’s chlorine dioxide fogging service, let’s review its benefits:

Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide Fogging for Facilities

  • Preventative measures against molds, bacteria, viruses, and stubborn biofilms
  • A rapid, 4-hour or less treatment time
  • Not necessary to seal off the treatment area
  • No post-treatment cleaning
  • Cost less than a full chlorine dioxide fumigation service

With over 85 years of experience in the food industry, IFC is an expert in the food industry. If you’re interested in learning more about IFC’s chlorine dioxide fogging service, request a no-charge assessment today.

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