4 Tips for Keeping Your Facility Rodent Free

Rodents are recognized as a significant threat to food processing and distribution facilities of all types. It is common to trap an occasional mouse or have feeding in exterior bait stations, but rodent infestations cannot be tolerated in or around good and distribution facilities. As winter weather approaches, rodents will try to move indoors. This is why it’s important to have a well-designed Integrated Pest Management program to help reduce the risk of an infestation.

Below we share some common rodent behaviors, and tips to support a rodent-free facility this season.

  • Rodents are excellent climbers and are active at all levels of elevation. Wires, pipes, beams, and vegetation lines are active areas for them. Along with this, they tend to travel along floor-wall junctions. This allows us to set up traps and bait stations to stop them in their tracks. While we can’t predict their every move, recognizing and inspecting the most attractive travel routes and potential harborages can allow for efficient placements for traps and outdoor bait stations.
  • With our pest management experience, we know they can enter through holes of ¼-½ inch in size. Because of this, a simple and proactive measure you can do is close all doors tightly and seal any openings/holes to prevent rodent access.
  • Rodents tend to prefer shaded, shadowy places, and prefer nocturnal activity. There may be lighting or warehouse arrangement designs that promote brightness, or unavoidable shadowing areas which are good for trap and bait station placements.
  • When it comes to inspecting for evidence of rodents, the best inspection tool is a good flashlight. Rodents will leave droppings everywhere they are active. The best use for ultraviolet or UV inspection lights is to discern which of the potential rodent travel routes are actively being used. Any regularly used travel routes or holes will often feature grey rub marks from the oils in the rodent fur.

Catching rodent issues early is important to help prevent infestations from occurring. It can take time to treat for rodents, so the earlier the process can begin, the better. Rodent threats can come from below ground and up to roof areas, so you need to make sure that you are prepared with preventive measures and a proactive Integrated Pest Management program at your facility.

IFC has specially trained experts to assess all types of facilities for potential or active rodent infestations. With over 80 years of providing pest management and sanitation solutions for the food processing and distribution industries, we can help tackle all rodent or pest issues that you may have. If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling an appointment, please request a free assessment now.

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