How an IFC Integrated Pest Management Program Can Help Keep Your Facility Protected and Running

A proactive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program can benefit all food facilities. It’s all about integrating strategies that eliminate pests and ultimately create an environment to keep them away. Pests and the contaminants they transmit creates many challenges for the food industry. Therefore, keeping your facility free of pests is critical to the success of your organization and brand.

Over the last 85 years, IFC has specifically dedicated time, resources, and training to finding solutions that not only prevent pests from becoming costly problems, but also to exceed regulatory demands and the requirements of pest management audits. At IFC, communication, prevention, and safety are key elements for success with the IPM strategy. Following a thorough initial inspection, our highly trained and experienced staff will provide an IPM Risk assessment. This report will include detailed observations and recommendations for a progressive, customized pest management program and can be utilized during audits as documentation that the IPM program is being reviewed and adjusted as necessary for success.

With each IPM program, our objectives are to:

  • Ensure that your facility and products are pest-free and exceed the requirements of internal and external pest management audits.
  • Support the food safety program by implementing an IPM program centered on the prevention of pests.
  • Establish techniques, procedures, and practices within the sanitation and IPM program that ensures achievement of performance results specified by our clients and IFC.

There are many success stories associated with proactive IPM programs. Facility locations have been able to gain more production time and eliminate the need for some ancillary treatments due to sanitation adjustments, harborage elimination, increased trending analysis and smarter strategies.

IFC has highly trained experts that use targeted strategies, products, and tactics to help ensure that facilities and products are pest-free. With 85 years of providing pest management and sanitation solutions for the food industry, IFC is the first choice for providing proactive IPM programs. With our nationwide coverage and a service team focused solely on the food industry, our service specialists have the flexibility and time needed to ensure that your facility is always audit ready.

If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling an inspection, please request a free assessment now.

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