3 Products to Utilize for Bird Management at Your Food Processing Facility

Birds can present a challenge for food processing facilities, and they can be difficult to control. It’s crucial to prevent and control these pests as they can be a food safety risk and can affect audit compliance. The effective use of non-lethal bird control products can effectively contribute to your bird management strategy; let’s explore some recommended products.

3 Bird Management Products

Mist Nests

These fine mesh nets are strategically placed to capture birds in a humane manner. The nets are specifically designed to trap birds safely for temporary capture, allowing for their subsequent release. Mist nests allow precise targeting through strategic placement where birds are present and a concern, inside or outside of the facility. Shop for Mist Nests Here!

Bird Repellant Optical Gels

Bird repellant optical gels are applied to surfaces in trays where birds tend to perch or roost. This non-toxic gel creates an optically uncomfortable and sticky texture that discourages birds from landing in the desired area. Bird repellant gel is easy to apply to ledges, beams, and other surfaces. These gel trays can have a long-lasting effect and provide extended protection from bird activity. Shop for Bird Repel Here!

Scare Eye Balloons

Scare eye balloons are large, inflatable balloons to intimidate and reflect features that mimic the appearance of a predator bird. These balloons are specifically designed to deter birds from entering a specific area. Minimal effort is required for setup, with balloons able to quickly inflate and be installed in strategic locations around food processing plants, such as outdoor areas with high activity and receiving/shipping areas. Shop for Scare Eye Balloons Here!

Bird control products can be a helpful tool in the bird management toolbox and help ensure your food safety plan is effective. Birds can be difficult to control, making it imperative to work with your pest provider to develop a comprehensive bird abatement program for these pests. IFC has over 85 years of experience providing food safety professionals with strategies, products, and methods to maintain a pest-free environment. If you have questions or are interested in scheduling an inspection, please request a no-charge assessment now.


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