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IFC is your single source for a full line of pest management products. As a distributor and end user of superior pest management products, IFC works closely with manufacturers to convey the need for properly labeled, efficacious products for the food and commodity industries. As manufacturers revise existing products and develop new products, IFC provides input as to labeling needs for food additive tolerances, food plant clearance, and approval for use in USDA-regulated plants.

For everything from multi-catch rodent traps, pheromones, light trap bulbs and bait stations to fumigants, foggers, sprayers and safety equipment, you’ll find what you’re looking for at IFC. Click a category below to view our available products or, for personal consultation, please contact our Customer Service Specialists (800) 477-4432.

For more detailed product information, please refer to our Label & SDS page.

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aerosol can

polycarbonate bird repelling spikes

Border Control

B&G My-Ti-Lite

TurboCide Methoprene

Degesch Phostoxin PrePacs

J System Fan

Drager Pac 8000

MaxForce Ant Killer Bait Gel

Diacon IGR Plus

Vector Classic Fly System

Storgard II Quick Change Foil Pack Lures

MGK Onslaught Fastcap

X-Plore 6300 Mask

Protecta Bait Station

Weather Blox XT Pail

Micro Flex Gloves

InVade Bio-Foam

Armark Tape

IFC Specials

FlowZone Typhoon 2V Sprayer

TurboCide Gold Fogging System

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