ProClean™ Disinfection Service

Our ProClean™ treatment uses a strong disinfectant. When applied properly, it kills 99.99% of almost 50 bacteria, fungi and viruses listed on the product label, including H1N1 Swine Flu and other pathogenic microbes on hard, non-porous surfaces while also sanitizing soft, porous surfaces. Approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the causal agent of COVID-19 on the EPA’s List-N.

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For clients wishing to disinfect “high touch” public areas within their facilities, such as office spaces, breakrooms, locker rooms and conference rooms. IFC’s ProClean™ Disinfection is recommended for treating areas where those known or suspected of having COVID-19 have been while on client premises.

Why Disinfect with IFC’s ProCleanTM Disinfection Service

Our ProClean™ Disinfection Service uses a product that is classified by the EPA as Toxicity Category IV, their lowest toxicity rating, defined as “practically non-toxic and not an irritant” while also proving to be a powerful disinfectant. It contains no ozone-harming volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is mild on skin, hard surfaces and fabrics.

IFC’s ProCleanTM Disinfectant Process

Our ProClean™ Disinfectant Service includes trained technicians carefully wiping down all high touch surfaces in the treated area. We then mist the disinfectant using specialized equipment onto contact surfaces and let it dry undisturbed, typically for up to 10 minutes.

Wipe Down Treatment – This application includes all inanimate human touch points, such as light switches, door handles, file cabinet drawer pulls, desk handles, etc. IFC treats these areas with the disinfectant using treated towels, such as a microfiber cloth.

Targeted Misting Treatment – After the wipe-down application to touch points, we will treat the rest of the contact surfaces with a fine mist application of the disinfectant to ensure that all other areas are treated.

You are Back to Business

IFC can help you get back to business in a safer, healthier environment for you, your staff and anyone who comes into your facility. We will disinfect your building’s hard, non-porous surfaces with a 99.99% efficacy rate and sanitize your soft, porous surfaces. IFC assures that your spaces have had the best disinfectant treatment in the industry.

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