Is Chlorine Dioxide the Right Solution for My Facility?

A concern that should always be addressed in the food industry is microbial contamination of your facility and the strategies to reset it to ensure food safety. Chlorine Dioxide is the preferred choice when looking for a safe method to eliminate microbial contaminants. Classified as a sterilant, Chlorine Dioxide can eliminate bacterial spores, including a wide range of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This bioremediation solution can be an essential tool to maintain the safety of your food supply. The following explains the Chlorine Dioxide questions you might have and why it could be the right solution for your food processing facility.

What Are the Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide?

A key benefit of chlorine dioxide is its ability to penetrate biofilms, a microorganism that can form on surfaces over time. These biofilms can lead to persistent contamination issues in your food facility and are difficult to eliminate using traditional disinfectants. Chlorine dioxide, however, looks to eliminate these microorganisms at their source, helping to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens throughout your plant.

What Coverage Does Chlorine Dioxide Provide?

In your facility, the ability to quickly disinfect large areas is essential to ensure that your food production isn’t delayed. With Chlorine Dioxide, the application process addresses the entire treatment area, including the challenging floor and drain spots for full coverage. This versatile treatment is helpful where a high volume of equipment and surfaces need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Is Chlorine Dioxide Safe for My Staff and Equipment?

Chlorine dioxide contains powerful disinfectant properties while still ensuring the safety of your food products and staff. Unlike other disinfectants, chlorine dioxide does not produce harmful byproducts or residues. This treatment avoids skin irritation or other health issues your staff may be concerned about. Likewise, utilizing chlorine dioxide will help protect staff from exposure to dangerous pathogens and reduce the risk of workplace illness.

When utilized properly, chlorine dioxide sterilization can eliminate microbial concerns, even in the hard-to-reach areas to ensure that you can resume production as soon as possible. Whether your facility needs a clean break or would like to utilize the treatments in your regular sanitation programs, chlorine dioxide can give you confidence in a clean facility.

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