Chlorine Dioxide: Starting Your Facility’s Year Out Clean

Microbial contamination can be a significant concern regarding your food safety program. With threats of microbial contamination, especially from pathogens such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella, chlorine dioxide gas treatments can eliminate concerns of a widespread bacterial outbreak and reset the microbial environment to ensure food safety. A chlorine dioxide treatment can support an ongoing, cleaner environment year-round, resulting in a pest-free facility.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas Treatment

What Are the Advantages?

Chlorine dioxide gas treatments destroy harmful bacteria and molds, and other microorganisms present in a treatment area. Chlorine dioxide penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms, destroying DNA and disrupting metabolic functions, making it impossible to build up a resistance. This treatment targets areas in your plant, including spiral freezers, individual pieces of equipment, production areas, floors and drains, and entire facilities. In the selected treated areas, the pure gas treatment sterilizes hard-to-reach spots, whereas liquid or fog treatments do not. The chlorine dioxide service is usually completed in less than 24 hours and can be accomplished in less than 4 hours for smaller areas.

How Can IFC Support Your Contamination Concerns?

IFC has over 85 years of knowledge and experience in the food processing industry. Our team of experts will support your facility before, during, and after the chlorine dioxide gas treatment is complete.

Before the Treatment:

  • A thorough facility inspection
  • Recommended detailed treatment and project plan
  • Complete sealing of treatment area

Day of Treatment:

  • Site Evacuation
  • Set-up and monitoring line placement
  • Treatment of all areas within the treatment space
  • Continuous monitoring inside the treatment area to confirm successful application

After the Treatment:

  • No residual left behind to clean up, meaning your team can get back to operations immediately upon evacuation of gas from the treatment area
  • 6-log biological indicators will confirm a sterilized environment
  • Pre- and post-sterile swabbing to confirm bioload reduction/elimination
  • A complete scientific based report within 7 – 10 days of the treatment date

If you have questions or are interested in scheduling an inspection, please request a no-charge assessment now and learn how IFC can support your facility’s food safety program.

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