How Fumigation Can Support Your Food Safety Program

Fumigation services can be an effective and cost-effective approach in your food safety program. This is especially the case when your food processing facility needs to reset pest population to zero. Let’s review some of the benefits of these services.

How is Fumigation Effective?

With a properly trained, licensed professional to perform fumigation services, the benefits include:

  • The elimination of all pest life stages
  • A treatment that penetrates hard-to-reach areas, including deep into cracks and crevices
  • Prevention of product damage, contamination, and costly recalls

How Does Fumigation Work?

These treatments rely on the power and effectiveness of a fumigant gas in sufficient concentration and exposure time to eliminate the target pests, from insect eggs to adult life stages and including rodents. Fumigants differ from fogging pesticides in that the fumigant is in a gas phase rather than aerosolized liquid droplets. The gas phase of fumigants allows penetration into equipment, packaging, products, and commodities.

When is Fumigation Necessary?

There are various scenarios where fumigation is necessary and a great tool for an integrated pest management program. There are several cases where this process should be considered the first step due to a high-risk situation and other cases where it should be the last step in a series of remedial steps, including enhanced sanitation procedures. The decision of when these services should be considered is best determined in conjunction with your pest management partner.

Fumigation services can be an effective and important component in your food safety program when the situation calls for it. With over 85 years of pest management and sanitation experience in the food industry, IFC experts provide fumigation services that meet your food safety needs. Our IFC team is certified and trained to safely perform fumigations for all types of structures and situations.


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