5 Fumigation Questions with IFC’s Senior Technical Specialist – Jerry Heath, BCE

Have you ever wondered why or when fumigation could support your operations? While fumigation has been seen as a last resort, it shouldn’t be, considering fumigation quickly eliminates pests for a clean start. Our Senior Technical Specialist, Jerry Heath, sat down with Quality Assurance originally to discuss how fumigation can be a cost-effective tool in modern pest management programs, especially in critical situations.

1. What type of pest situations can a fumigation help resolve?

Quick and versatile, fumigation is a pest elimination tool for emergency situations, pre-shipment, quarantine requirements, and in comprehensive pest management programs. From whole facilities to bins or trailers, fumigants penetrate deep into materials, equipment, and harborages where all pest life stages may be present. Fumigation is the tool to reset pest populations and create an environment suitable for pest prevention through sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies going forward.

2. How does a fumigation work?

Fumigation targets pests with an effective fumigant gas to reset pest populations to zero and to jump-start your pest management program. Planning with a professional pest management provider is critical for regulatory compliance, safety, and the right products and supplies. Fumigant gas diffuses throughout the space to penetrate contents based on target pests, temperature, and space volume, with gas concentration readings taken over time to assure performance criteria have been met. The fumigated space and materials are ventilated following strict procedures so that the gas is quickly aerated to safe ambient conditions.

3. What is the overall benefit to a fumigation?

No other kind of pest management treatment can provide such broad-spectrum effectiveness approaching 100% efficacy so quickly. Fumigation resets the pest populations to zero, assuring that product and shipments will be free of infestation. Fumigation also allows for a reset in certain challenging situations, providing time for correcting conducive conditions, implementation of enhanced sanitation approaches, and IPM program elements. Fumigation helps maintain product quality, ultimately protecting brand reputations.

4. What are some of the common fumigation concerns IFC has heard?

Safety, cost, and downtime for a fumigation treatment are all concerns that we share with our clients. Regulatory compliance, technical support, and extensive fumigation experience are three areas where IFC excels. We work closely with our clients to ensure employees and products are protected. Getting your facility back up and running in a pest-free, safe environment is our top priority.

5. How can a fumigation support a facility long term?

Pest pressure can be inevitable due to surroundings, ingredients, processes and potentially facility structural conditions. Fumigation provides fast remediation by bringing pests’ populations to zero, and it is a proven pest management program solution. With the initial resolution, an IPM Plan should be incorporated into the ongoing sanitation program of the facility, supporting future audits and overall maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about fumigation or have any questions for our team, please give us a call at (800) 477-4432, email us, or contact us by Requesting a Free Assessment.

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