Fogging vs Fumigation

Fogging vs Fumigation

Fumigation and fogging are often seen as the same type of pest service. While they’re similar in nature, they have key differences that will affect whether a pest expert like IFC would recommend them for your facility. Both involve the use of an insecticide or chemical solution which is applied to a given area. However, it is their biggest differences – how they are carried out and the types of pests they target – that set them apart in terms of when they’re recommended for use. Knowing which one is best for your needs will help save you time and money. Keep reading to find out more on fogging vs fumigation.


Fogging is a method where the insecticide is particulate fog and comes in direct contact with pests and may leave a beneficial residue, such as with insect growth regulators (IGR). IFC’s fogging service utilizes the TurboCide line of CO2-based products, which provide high performance characteristics of small particle sizes, low odor, and no residual oil slicks.

Targeted Pests:

  • Large and small flies, cockroaches, and other pests

Key Benefit:

  • Quick turnaround time, minimal downtime


Fumigation is a highly specialized treatment that utilizes the power of a gas in sufficient concentration to effectively eliminate target pests. All fumigants available for use in the food industry face heavy regulation to help ensure safety. These treatments occur in enclosed and airtight spaces and must be performed by a licensed, professional fumigator. Fumigation is more effective at targeting all life stages and hard-to-reach pests as compared to a fogging. While fumigation isn’t usually recommended as your first line of defense, there is no other kind of pest management treatment that can provide such broad-spectrum effectiveness approaching 100% efficacy so quickly. Working closely with your experienced pest management provider ensures regulatory compliance and the right treatment has been chosen.

Targeted Pests:

  • All life stages of pests

Key Benefits:

  • Resets pest population to zero
  • Can be tailored to meet unique needs of situation

With almost 90 years of pest management and sanitization solutions in the food industry, IFC is best equipped to provide these types of fogging and fumigation services. We have expertise in pest management services, methods of applications, and the ability to meet regulatory compliance requirements in the food industry. If you have questions or are interested in scheduling an appointment, you can request a free assessment now.

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