You may not know they are there until it’s too late.

From stored product pests to other common pests like cockroaches and rodents, discovering how to identify and prevent pests within your facility will help protect your brand and bottom line.

IFC’s Pest Management Program Objectives Include:

The first step to winning a pest’s game of hide and seek is prevention. It’s essential to make pest control prevention a priority within your facility and to have a strong partnership with your pest management provider.


Pest-Free Facility

To ensure that your facility and products are pest free and exceed the requirements of internal and external pest management audits.

Superior Food Safety Program

To establish a superior food safety program employing Integrated Pest Management for the prevention and control of pests in your facility. We do this with emphasis on cleaning, trapping, monitoring and harborage removal, thereby reducing the use of pesticides whenever practical.

Sanitation & Quality Control

To establish techniques, procedures and practices within the sanitation and quality control program that ensure the performance results specified by you and IFC.


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