food processing pest management

IFC’s electronic ProTrak™ tracking and reporting system provides comprehensive IPM service analysis information. IFC’s ProTrak™ Service provides a market-leading interface, with details on pest activity, trending, graphing and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) elements needed to perform root-cause analysis. With the information provided, it allows IFC and our clients to design the most effective pest management solutions. This comprehensive information is accessible 24 hours a day via web access. With the information provided, ProTrak™ is a powerful tool for understanding pest risks and maintaining audit ready requirements.


  • ProTrak™ system provides powerful analysis tools to help users strategically identify and target efforts more effectively, including comprehensive reporting of activity at each location.
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting pest and sanitation/maintenance issues and corrective actions.
  • Monitoring of pest activity on all types of devices.
  • Creates trending analysis reports and graphs activity, a analysis tool for Hot-Spot identification.
  • Comprehensive information for improved root cause analysis and pest prevention.
  • Customer site maps dynamically report pest activity with actual capture data and trending.
  • Corporate stakeholders can view status of their locations remotely.
  • Online Pest Sighting Log can be utilized to send notifications via email.
  • Customers can enter their corrective actions and comments.
  • Threshold and Alert/Escalation System to quickly notify stakeholders.
  • The Logbook is a powerful online tool which helps to keep ProTrak™ service locations audit ready 24/7. Additionally, there is a process available to all users which can display the account Logbook in the case an internet connection is down.
  • At-A-Glance is designed to give the user a quick glance of status, up to the past 24 months of services.
  • ProTrak™ is an important compliance tool for GFSI, BRC, AIB, USDA, FDA and other regulatory agencies.
  • Ability to identify the reason for any location not serviced.
  • ProTrak™ provides comprehensive trending data, including year over year pest activity.

Why Does IFC Invest in Client Software?

IFC has always placed a large emphasis on our tracking and reporting system choices. Why? Because we know the importance this one element plays in your day-to-day operations and overall audit scores. IFC’s ProTrak™ software provides a market-leading interface with details on pest activity, trending, graphing, and other IPM elements right at your fingertips when you need it. Our goal is to support an always audit ready facility for you, your team, your product, and your bottom line, and the right, innovative tools help us deliver on this goal for you.

food processing pest management


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