IFC Audit Preparation and Auditing Services

The quality of the program affects the results of audits. Whether your facility faces a corporate inspection, customer audits or the scrutinizing requirements of the many food safety initiatives, IFC’s Integrated Pest Management programs ensure top scores. Our service specialists maintain our clients’ facilities in audit-ready condition. This allows you to focus your attention on other important tasks with the confidence that your pest management program remains in full compliance. Company-wide standardized training and procedures provide uniform programs for local, regional and national chains.


ProTrak™ Online Documentation

Allows IFC and our clients to quickly and easily monitor, track and report pest activity


On-site Service Book

Containing all required information and personalized service materials

Trend and gap analysis

Identify trends and potential gaps in the program for proactive approaches


Regular Internal Quality Control Audits

Conducted regularly by IFC to confirm compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements

On-site assistance

Provided by IFC during audits, as needed


Removing Rodents from the Recipe

Removing Rodents from the Recipe

Pest management should always be approached first with recognition of key pests and consideration of aspects of their biology where management options can be brought to bear. Rodents are recognized as a key threat for every kind of facility. It is not uncommon to trap...

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Implications of FSMA on Pest Management Programs

Considerable pest management implications are imbedded in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) although they may not be immediately apparent on the surface. It is helpful to remember that laws speak in generalities, and the subsequent rules and...

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