Auditors and pests alike are both searching for weak links in your facility’s sanitation program. Consistency and preparation are crucial and can’t wait until the last minute. By maintaining an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program all year, you will be ready for any auditor; even one that shows up unannounced. Here’s how you can use your pest management professional as a partner and resource in your food safety program.


  • Meet with your PMP immediately after an audit and discuss improvements that can be made.
  • Keep your PMP updated on equipment changes and production issues.
  • Make sure staff are aware of changes to protocol, equipment or processes and have them speak up if they notice an issue.
  • Include your PMP in internal meetings so they are updated on all topics and are treated as a part of the team.
  • Communicate up and down the supply chain regarding your facility sanitation procedures.
  • Know what you are being audited against and be prepared to speak up and defend what you are doing.

Implement Process:

  • Having a routine is key, so make sure to develop and implement a process. Consistent use of rules and regulations will ensure a more stable facility.
  • Document your sanitation processes and include notes on how to improve.
  • Develop a master sanitation schedule and follow it.
  • Explain the pest management process to new employees so they are aware of all procedures.
  • Have your employees document pests or conducive conditions as they notice them. Your PMP will document pest sightings, but they aren’t the only ones who can make note of these things.

Use Your Technician as Your Pest Management Partner:

  • Your technician has the unique advantage of seeing inside multiple food processing facilities in any given week – use their expertise to your benefit.
  • Make sure you understand what your PMP is implementing and why.
  • Ask your PMP questions that can help improve your IPM and sanitation process. Anything from “what pests are common in facilities” to “how can we better prepare for our next audit”?

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