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Pest management should always start with identification of key pests and consideration of their biology. Rodents are a frequent threat for all facilities. And while it’s common for an occasional rat or mouse to be trapped in exterior bait stations, rodent infestations can never be tolerated in the food processing sector.

There are many aspects of rodent behavior that contribute to our management of these pests. For example, we know that rodents usually only travel through narrow paths and small spaces. Therefore, a skilled pest management professional will seek out those narrow passageways as an ideal spot to place traps or outdoor bait stations. Dr. Bobby Corrigan, the authority on rodent management, suggests six words to aid in this concept: lines, shadows, corners, warm spots, quiet spots and voids.

LINES can refer to wires, pipes, beams and other borders. Because rodents are skilled climbers and can be active at all elevation levels, these ‘lines’ are crucial to identify.
• Rodents prefer to live in SHADOWY PLACES, so promoting brightness through lighting choices, warehouse arrangement or plant design is a smart choice.
• Rodents typically hang around CORNERS, so pest management professionals often inspect for droppings or urine in these locations. They are also an ideal location for trap or bait placements.
• Rodents are small animals and have a difficult time maintaining their body heat. Therefore, heat-emitting equipment can make easy WARM SPOTS for rodents to enjoy.
• A number of these attractive features often come together at the same QUIET places, or in a VOID.

Remembering these terms can help you view your facility as a rodent would and take the necessary actions to prevent them from getting the chance.

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