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Ensuring the quality and safety of food products throughout the supply chain is of utmost importance but can be quite a complicated process. The FDA’s requirements on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food outlines compliance requirements that every food processor must be fully aware of and implement in their facilities.

How Does the Sanitary Transportation Rule Apply to Pest Management?

FDA’s transportation rules cover any party involved with the transportation process, including shippers, receivers, loaders and carriers. There are multiple sections of the rule that apply specifically to pest management.

What are Potential Pest Problems During Shipping?

Food processors encounter three primary food safety threats: 1) Microbial contamination, 2) Physical/foreign material contamination and 3) Chemical contamination. While these three categories vary, they all pose serious threats to the the shipping process and must be handled accordingly.

Common Pests That May Be Found During Transportation Operations

Birds, rodents, stored product insects (SPIs), scavenger pests and occasional invader pests are the most common pest threats to a food processing facility. As you can see, the pests span from small to large and pose a variety of issues to the food processing chain. All pests should be taken seriously and addressed immediately to help prevent more extensive damage. Our white paper outlines specific issues each of these pests can cause within your facility.

What You Can Do to Manage Food Safety Transportation Concerns Due to Pest?

All food processors should take the following shipping precautions that can help avoid major pest issues and preserve product integrity:

• Know the regulations.
• Keep your staff updated.
• Assess all incoming materials and transportation equipment.
• Evaluate contractors and other partners.
• Develop efficient processes.
• Utilize a pest management professional (PMP) to manage pest prevention programs.

What IFC can do to Help!

IFC focuses exclusively on pest management in the food processing industry and therefore understands the unique issues a food processor faces. We provide:
• Knowledgeable technicians
• Expert staff entomologists
• On-site training

Want this information and more for your team? Download our full PDF resource on Pest Free Shipping for a full overview of these FDA regulations.