Bird control is essential in food processing facilities but may be one of the most complicated of all pests to treat. Birds pose a number of threats including product and worker safety, potential transmission of approximately 60 different pathogens, slip and fall hazards and equipment malfunctioning. Whatever issue you may encounter, it is critical to address them immediately and ensure you have proactive measures in places for dealing with these creatures.

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The Problem for Food Processors:

Birds are like any other pests and are seeking out food, water and shelter, all of which a food processing facility provides. Examples of these essentials within your facility include:
• Spillage of grain, flour or other ingredients on the floor.
• Very tall structures that appeal to cliff-dwelling birds (grain elevators).
• Covered roof areas with good exposures.

Roofs provide ample opportunity for bird infestations, which can become progressively worse over time. One of the most difficult pest issues to treat is when birds become attached to a nesting site.

Customizable Solutions for Your Facility:

It is important to bring in a specialist to assess a site for bird pressures and determine the appropriate course of action. There are quite a few bird control methods available and usually a combination of a few will be needed to solve a problem.

Categories of Bird Control Methods and Devices:

• Chemical controls
• Physical controls

When an Outdoor Problem Comes Indoors:
Almost all buildings are susceptible to birds making their way inside at some point. For food processing facilities, dock doors can pose a particularly high risk. Once birds are indoors, they are an immediate food safety hazard and an emergency plan for dealing with such a situation should be in place. Here are some immediate actions that should be taken:
• Attend to the most critical food safety risks first.
• Try to guide the bird out of the facility.
• Use equipment for trapping the bird.

Bird control is a key element to a successful pest management program in food processing facilities. Working with a specialist to address bird issues is crucial as birds can be quite difficult to handle. Ensuring there is a set plan will allow your facility to be prepared for all pests, especially birds.

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