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Pest populations explode quickly if they find a good habitat. In facilities like yours, pest pressures can be inevitable due to the surroundings, ingredients, processes, and potentially, structural conditions.

IFC takes a different approach to supporting your facility. With an Integrated Pest Management Program, our highly trained team uses a variety of services, products, and tactics to ensure your facility and products are pest free and exceed audit requirements!

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Communication, prevention and safety are key elements for success in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy at IFC. Following a thorough initial inspection, our highly trained and experienced staff will provide an Initial Facility IPM Assessment. Consequently, this report will include detailed observations and recommendations for a progressive, customized pest management program for each facility.

The food industry faces many challenges because of pests and the contaminants they transmit. Therefore, keeping your plant and products free of pests and contaminants is critical to the success of your organization. IFC is here to prevent these adversities from becoming costly problems and to meet the requirements of pest management audits. Above all, it is extremely important that you develop a strong partnership with a pest management firm that understands your needs. IFC has extensive experience with food industry focused pest management and sanitation solutions.


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