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IFC exclusively focuses on the food industry, making a difference in pest management and sanitation solutions and keeping the global food supply moving.

At IFC, we believe in a proactive, integrated approach that starts with pest prevention. With over 80 years of industry experience, our highly trained team understands and embraces the rigorous demands and regulations you must meet to protect your products, brand reputation and bottom line. We use an integrated approach to ensure your facility and products are pest free and exceed audit requirements! If your facility is facing pest or sanitation challenges, trust the team at IFC to develop a solution with our complimentary inspection.

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Cockroaches, flies, and beetles are all pests that may target dairy facilities. After years of research and experience in the food industry, we’re sharing 5 of our best practice tips for keeping pests of all types out of your facility.

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With our over 80 years of pest management and sanitation solution experience, we bring strategies unique to your facility’s concern to create a pest-free environment for the long-term. Pest pressures may be inevitable, but with IFC’s approach, you can stand confident you are putting your best foot forward with each Audit and Inspection. Start with prevention, start with IFC today.

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