Advanced Fogging Services

Our advanced fogging services utilize CO2-based products such as TurboCide Py-75, TurboCide Vap-20, and TurboCide IGR. These provide high performance characteristics of small particle sizes, low odor, no flammability and no residual oil slicks.



In many cases, the product of choice for fogging applications in the food industry is Vapona (DDVP). Vapona is an organophosphate insecticide registered by EPA for the control of many stored-product pests. These infest food manufacturing, processing and storage facilities. The high vapor pressure of Vapona helps it to move into cracks and crevices, under equipment and penetrate debris. Professionals often recommend Vapona over other fogging agents because of its superior efficacy, dispersion and penetration capability.



Pyrethrin, a botanical insecticide extracted from certain chrysanthemum flowers, is probably the most commonly used fogging insecticide. It is noteworthy for its mammalian safety and fast insect knockdown characteristics. Some insects can rapidly metabolize pyrethrin they have contacted and recover. Therefore, it is important for proper duration of exposure. Most pyrethrin products include additional ingredients called synergists to help prevent insect recovery. However, the synergists disqualify most pyrethrin products from organic classification.



Insect growth regulators (IGRs) break population growth cycles and target insect pests without adverse effects against non-target organisms. Likewise, they can help provide long-term results by preventing adult emergence and reproduction among pests. Three IGRs are available for fogging in the food industry: hydroprene (Gentrol® products), methoprene (Diacon II®) and pyriproxyfen (NyGuard®). Each ingredient has its own unique characteristics and is available in products with distinctive uses. IGRs have no knockdown activity and are slow to demonstrate their effects. Therefore, an excellent strategy is often to mix an IGR with a knockdown insecticide in a mechanical fogger. You can also select a product that contains a mixture of IGRs and knockdown insecticide ingredients (TurboCide Py-75 w/IGR®).


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