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Today’s food processing sanitation standards and practices are essential. At times, even the best efforts cannot prevent situations that threaten a facility’s viability and promise of making safe food. The consequences of foodborne illness, infectious organisms on surfaces, and the seemingly never-ending cycle of organic waste and associated sanitation pests are occasions for extraordinary solutions.

You can count on IFC for sanitation solutions. Our pest control professionals assist in meeting the food industry’s strict sanitation needs with turnkey solutions. IFC offers a portfolio of three powerful decontamination solutions.

Microbiological situations including spores such as; salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, e.coli, mold and others.


Sterilization with Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Gas: Whether it is your whole facility, a room, manufacturing lines, a piece of equipment, piping, ductwork, etc., IFC can provide a solution with Chlorine Dioxide Gas.

With a CD sterilization, all microbial life forms are eliminated, providing a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) reduction of 99.9999% (i.e. a 6-log reduction). As a true gas, the molecule size is smaller than the microorganisms and it penetrates to all available spaces where liquids cannot reach. Our sterilization service also provides a treatment date to potentially limit the extent of product recalls, if ever necessary.

Surface pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, mold and bacteria (excluding spores).

Surface pathogenic microorganisms_decontamination

Surface disinfection with appropriate disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide, quaternary ammonium and other liquid formulations. IFC’s technicians are equipped with highly effective disinfectant products, appropriate equipment and the service protocols to effectively treat surfaces that are suspected to be contaminated.

For bioremediation in areas of organic matter build-up and chronic wet situations with associated sanitation concerns, all potentially leading to pests and microorganisms. IFC has a treatment protocol for areas that have food waste, organic build-up, in and around dumpsters, as well as bird droppings.

bioremediation solutions_decontamination

Environmentally friendly and beneficial bioremediation solutions, when applied to organic waste and pest harborage sites, help to reduce the attraction and proliferation of flies, insects and pathogens. Probiotic solutions are a blend of naturally occurring microbes that help to eliminate issues. An integrated approach with these non-toxic beneficial materials and foam applications can be a powerful option to help eliminate pests and microorganism.

Cleaning with bioremediation solutions is often necessary prior to disinfection or sterilization because organic build-up can potentially reduce the effectiveness of these types of applications.

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